I'm Zairah. I'm 22. I'm British.

So, I have taken it upon myself to provide a movie education for my niece and nephew (3 and 2 years old). But there’s a problem. 

My niece has got it into her head that white is beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, it is, but it is not the only beautiful, you know?

We’re Pakistani and she’s fair, but not white. She sees her brother as white (he’s not) and her granddad also, who actually has melanin deficiency so yeah. Her favourite movies are Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan and she’s obsessed with Princess Aurora

My uncle was looking after her one day and, despite how adamant I was at delaying her introduction to Aladdin, showed her anyway. She loved it until she was told not to because of how Jasmine dresses. Now, every time we mention Jasmine, she screws up her face and shouts "Eww, I don’t like Jasmine!" I put Mulan on for her, but unfortunately she was only interested in Khan, the horse. So there’s a problem. 

I thought about Pocahontas but I don’t think she’s ready for it, just yet. She’s already super curious about love and kissing (because elders have always told her to close her eyes or that it’s wrong but not really explained anything) and I don’t want to show her a film that makes that any worse. 

So I need a film that has a strong woman of colour, without too much romance involved. Any suggestions? I’m really struggling and it upsets me that she’s only 3 and already becoming self conscious about the way she looks. 

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    Here are a few suggestions:•Princess and the Frog•Lilo and Stitch•Hercules•The Prince of Egypt•Hunchback of Notredame...
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    Oh no…. Hmm… You could try the Doctor Who episode, Fear Her. It has a school age black girl in it. This one’s a toughie...
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    The girl is three and likes Disney princesses because that’s what she likes. of course, though, she’ll like certain...
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    She might be becoming selfconcious about the way she looks because you’re trying to police her childhood. Like...
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    How dare your daughter have a favourite princess that’s not the same race as her? How fuckign dare she?!?!?! I bought my...